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Extended Health Insurance

Having extended health insurance in your back pocket means you don’t have to dip into your savings every time a health-related expense pops up.

As Canadians, we know our government is continuously reassessing and re-adjusting the health care coverage it provides, adding services here and making cuts there. While Medicare ensures that all eligible residents have access to the basic, essential medical services, it simply does not cover everything. Typically excluded are:

  • Prescription medications
  • Vision care and prescription eyewear
  • Routine dental care and corrective dental procedures
  • Registered specialists and therapists
  • Emergency medical travel coverage

An extended health insurance plan can pick up where provincial or territorial plans leave off. Packaged health insurance plans can be easily purchased through health benefits providers.

Benefits of Extended Health Insurance

Extended health insurance plans are ideal for people who rely solely on provincial insurance coverage, like:
  • Those without employee health benefits at work
  • Those losing their employee health coverage upon retirement or career change
  • The self-employed
  • Those working on contract or freelance