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What Is A Super Visa Insurance?

Super Visa Insurance Can Help Your Parents And Grandparents Stay In Canada Without Any Hassle.

Super Visa Insurance Mississauga has gained wide popularity since its introduction by the government. What it does is, it grants your parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for a maximum of 10 years. Earlier with a normal Visa, the renewal period was for a visa only 6 months and the overall process of renewal as we know is very cumbersome. Super Visa Insurance Brampton has done away with this rule with relaxed it to 2 years. Basically, this type of policy allows multiple entries in the country without the hassle of renewals after a short time. There are some criteria that both you and your grandparents have to meet. Have a look at them below.

Your Parents/ Grandparents Will Have To Declare :

  • Their purpose of visit
  • Whether they have medical insurance with a Canadian agency (coverage should be a minimum of $100,000)
  • The political and economic status of their home country
  • Their relationship with their home country
  • Whether they have passed the Immigration Medical Examination

You Would Have To Submit

  • A statement saying that you are financially capable of supporting them during their visit
  • A copy of your Canadian citizenship document
  • Notice of assessment or T4/T1 of the recent tax year
  • Employment letter with the date of hiring and employment insurance stubs
  • Bank statements
  • The surrender value of the policy also increases over time and you can borrow funds against it at any time during the term